Official Artist Statement and Biography

Artist Statement

Point Defiance Pottery is a family mash up of talents and ideas. Lark and Tyler Sundsmo, along with their three children are often to be found in their small studio in their backyard where their family has attempted to corral all their art supplies, tools, spare parts, creations and inventory. Their clay is bought from local sources, here in the Pacific Northwest, and every bit is used minimizing waste and recycling as much as possible. Of their pieces incorporated recycled or repurposed materials. Every ounce of it is a team effort and achievement. With their dedication to ocean conservation and Maritime history is soaked into every detailed ware they produce. What started out on their dining room table as an experiment in 2012 has evolved into something that brings a lot of joy to their family and community today, a testament to the eternal work in progress, in itself, an artform- ever painting the story of a craft evolved.

Tyler M. Sundsmo’s Art Bio              

  Tyler is a ceramic artist born and raised right here in the Pacific Northwest, around the Key Peninsula area standing out in high school and even featured in the local newspapers and stations as an amazing athlete and rising artist. He gave it all up though after high school for six years as he enlisted in the United States Navy as a corpsman where he found his calling to help people in healthcare. It kick-started his nursing journey, and was what eventually led him to be stationed in Guam, where he &  Lark met in 2007. He left to use his GI Bill and obtain his degrees in nursing, from the University of Washington and graduated with honors as a BSN in 2013. He has worked professionally as a nurse since obtaining his RN in 2009 despite being recognized as a 
disabled veteran.  He was privileged to have the encouragement of a few crucial instructors that fostered a sense of
experimentation and perseverance over his career into being a professional potter and that natural curiosity evident in his work today as an artist. Inspired by his home’s natural beauty in the environment as well as the history of the US military and the sea he is drawn to all things nautical which truly is featured in each piece he pours his soul into.

Lark E Sundsmo’s Art Bio               

Lark Sundsmo has flourished as an artist despite any formal art training. Hailing from the Maryland Bay area, she has lived along much of the US coast throughout her life, as well as been drawn to the Caribbean where her family holds their heritage and where she visited when young leaving a lasting impression on her heart. She was drawn to the biological sciences, especially animals in school, and loves studying their ecosystems and capturing the emotion of their environment as well the emotions of people and creatures alike experiencing their environments. A product of homeschooling herself, she has always played with any medium she encounters, from paper crafts to tattoos. A self proclaimed Jill of all trades, her repertoire is extensive (ink drawing, paint&canvas, photoshop, ceramics, ceramic painting, jewelry making, crystals, painting rocks and shoes, sculpture, macramé, sewing, embroidery, food presentation, frosting, baking, canning, infusing oils, herbs, aromatics, bath bomb & candle making,  recipe writing, gardening, sustainable farming, homesteading, bee keeping, Cayuga duck keeping, even piano, ukulele, and singing.) and uses everything around her to help foster an environment for free creative expression for those who seek it in their home, especially their rambunctious kids and animals. For Lark, art is about connection to nature and all life around themand offers a haven to heal for those who seek it, especially herself.

Extended Statement

What started as a mere experiment in 2012, has evolved exponentially into a business and exhibiting at galleries and museums with America’s greatest artists since 2014 and growing and learning by leaps and bounds despite obstacles, challenges and subsequent victories. This has fueled the Sundsmo family to keep going, keep trying. In the four years “Point Defiance Pottery” apart of “Point Defiance Studios” aka the kitchen’s craigslist bar height table stationed in their home has produced and premiered many ceramic feats at the Pacific North West’s elite Coos Art Museum Annual Juried Maritime Art Show such as the Octopus’s Garden, Beir Garden, High Tea at Sea,  Gymnothorax javanicus (Giant Moray), Midway Memorial, Under the Sea, the Blue Ringer,  Savage Salvage, Rescrude, and Kraken’s Kitchen, consecutively along with participating and exhibiting at the local Seattle RAW “Inspired” Show,  Michigan’s South Haven Center for the Arts’s “Tale’s of the Sea” International Martime Exhibition, delecTABLE: The Fine Art of Dining – Fourth Biennial National Functional Ceramics Exhibit, Raliegh, North Carolina’s 311 Gallery LANDSCAPES & SEASCAPES Juried Show, various local galleries and festivals. The experience and response has really encouraged them to think bigger, and try new things with their art having realized the power in childlike curiosity, experimental learning, and youtube-  just as much from the failures as any success and that the outcomes are far less important than the process itself, something they truly wish to instill in future generations. Tyler is a BSN Home Infusion Nurse, and physical trainer by day. Lark homeschools the kids and runs their online business, and any free time mustered is first for their kids, second for their craft. The years have taught them to adapt, keep trying and to make it as beautiful as possible. Every effort from this power team is just that, an effort to see what happens, where life takes them and how beautiful they can make it.