About Us

Point Defiance Pottery incorporates a love and wonder of nature and history and examines pushing boundaries with multiple mediums from wood and metal to painting and ceramics, proving that limitations are merely illusions but what truly makes this team unique is complex creative and flourishing relationship between the husband and wife power team of artists, Tyler & Lark Sundsmo, as well as the dynamic of including family and community in their creative process. Their art pieces are carefully collaborated using locally sourced clays, hand thrown on the same pottery wheel and fired in the same kiln Tyler has used since the 1990’s, hand sculpted and finished, then fired  a second time after being hand glazed and finished with a clear overcoat often applied by one of their children who regularly learn at their elbow as they work. eager to learn themselves. Each of these pieces commemorate an era of discovery and foster the imagination to explore on adventures of their own.

“Wee Helping Hands” by Lark Sundsmo; #3 learning to craft with Daddy

Tyler & Lark have over 20 years of self taught creative experience, crossed then joined paths in Guam (part of the Micronesia Islands, off the coast of Japan) in 2007, were married in 2010, started collaborating with their art shortly after moving to the Point Defiance area in 2012, their children quickly dubbing their dining room table “Point Defiance Pottery” as art, pottery, and projects were often to be found littered across it. When they aren’t out “adventuring”, they can be found homesteading, or creating one of a kind ceramics located in the liquid sunshine of the Pacific Northwest, out of their converted backyard studio and gallery, they host an online gallery and shop, as well as local instructional classes, a youtube channel, check them out on etsy, facebook, twitter, and instagram.

What started out as a back yard endeavor, playing and creating unique, one of kind ceramic gifts for their friends and loved ones, in any free time they could muster while raising small children, evolved into a whole family affair, expanding their visions and skills together, selling wares at local fairs and festivals and eventually online and at shows, exhibits, museums and galleries. They have been on display in museums and galleries from coast to coast and are moonlighting every day beyond homeschooling or nursing, being a family, and daily duties towards evolving their craft and visions even more.

Their three children are following suite, paying close attention and fostering their imagination with their hands buried in mud or paint, putting on plays, writing their own songs and stories, or single-handedly dismantling the house board by board. There is no shortage of shenanigans or jokes. They enjoy doing many activities along side their parents including hiking, boating, swimming, rock climbing and general “adventuring”, homesteading, gardening, farming, raising a flock of endangered Cayuga ducks, engineering and robotics, various community sports and scouts, all while learning at home. Homeschooling since 2016, they have had the added  layer of balancing in their education. No easy feat. What they have learned is that learning is merely a life time commitment to grow and get better, this is what is at the heart of their mission. Creating an environment that was safe to make mistakes, to get really messy, be vulnerable and open and truly tap into the creative consciousness, the imagination and really push past limitations. And the children have only grown to prove that notion successful. 

Point Defiance historic park is where Lt Wilkes thought here one could defy and take on the world; Point Defiance Pottery embodies the sentiment with the idea that change starts at home and the answer to the issues that society faces reside in the walls and day to day connections made at home and in all community. To love and connect is in itself a rebellion and a necessary one for the survival of all art and nature. Today Point Defiance is a  beautiful park rich in western, nautical and US Navy history, as well as home to many conservation and educational efforts, from the initial fort from the Hudson Bay Company, all the local Pacific Northwest wildlife, otters, seals, humpback whales, orcas, just swimming along the sound, beautiful hikes or visit the ever growing Point Defiance Zoo where they spend so much time observing their favorite creatures and learning about their efforts to conserve walruses, clouded leopards, sumatra tigers, puffins, polar bears just to name a few!

We value our community and strive to help others tap into their creative conscious, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Use our Contact Us page leave us comments offer insight to how we can grow. Namaste!