Welcome to Point Defiance Pottery!

Where does history intertwine with our hopes for the future? Where does decaying industrial meet nature and new life? Where does fear meet passion? And experiments and failure meet success? In art. It is both all seeing, all knowing, all encompassing of what just simply is. Art is a reflection of both what is internal as well as external. It is a paradox. Art is what draws our souls into a moment even for just a moment. Art allows us to see with our hearts. Art allows us to heal. Art allows our hands to fashion our dreams into reality.

All these things are captured and experienced throughout Point Defiance Pottery’s collections from small trinkets to enormous paintings and sculptures. The artists use their feelings to fashion the images that haunt their dreams and fantasies. Clay is formed into a story and painted as a vision.

Tyler and Lark have had a long nautical history. They joked he was a wayward sailor and she a rebellious mermaid, in either case on those tropical beaches on the other side of the world they started their adventures together always tied to the sea and their passions for conservation, history, especially military as well as mythological and fantasy. When they’re not out hiking, beach combing, kayaking, they are home with their tribe evolving their crafts in their own backyard ceramic studio. What started as mere hobby on their dinning room table in 2012 has blossomed into a dynamic collaborative between husband and wife self taught artist team, their family, neighbors and friends.

Their love for all things conservation drives them to not only upcycle unusual items in their work, such as the wooden crates used in their lanterns but also recycling their own supplies which are mostly procured and harvested locally. All their clay comes from right here in the Pacific Northwest, from the Puyallup River near their home in the Puget Sound of Washington, and from rivers in Oregon and Idaho. To be an artist is to be reverent to the earth around us, we know where our materials come from and where they will go. We know what we are capturing in our creations as well as how it tragically will never be the same again. Our ability to capture and share these feelings is the gift as a creator. For Tyler and Lark’s tribe, their holy place is in nature, and their mission is to share, savor and protect it.

Each piece is one of a kind, imperfect, but adapted and evolved to a story of struggle and learning unto itself but also triumph and accomplishment. Each attempt and effort towards craft is an opportunity to grow and learn and they not only embrace it but chase it and learn to get back up and keep trying. They know full well who is watching as they raise many little budding artists and attempt to see their creations, in all forms, to their fullest fruition.